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GW-501516 – completely new category of SARMs

If you are looking for really strong bodybuilding supplements and more, then you should be interested in SARM GW, more specifically: GW-501516. What is this?

GW-501516, also known as endurobol, is a relatively new chemical compound that is a selective PPAR agonist. It is included in supplements such as SARM GW-501516 Cardarine (sometimes called just GW, sometimes it is GW-501516, and sometimes Cardarine). The main effects of using this very strong specialized dietary supplement for athletes and active people are fat burning, maintaining a certain weight, increasing body and muscle performance.

How SARM GW-501516 does work and what are the effects?

To fully understand how SARM GW-501516 works, first you need to know what PPARδ is. Under this name, there are receptors activated by delta peroxisome proliferators (the last characteristic sign in the word is delta sign). PRARδ is directly associated with the nuclear PRAR receptor groups. Chemically, it can be said that this compound is involved in the expression of certain genes and contributes to the formation of new mitochondria of cells in our body. PRARδ also affects the oxidation of fatty acids and is involved in insulin and glycogen processes. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties.

The presented SARM GW-501516 works in such a way that it activates PRARδ. There are many processes as a consequence. Increased development of slow twitch fibers, slower fatigue, loss of excess body fat, bodybuilding, slower degradation of glycogen, growth of muscle fibers, reduction of insulin resistance – these are just some of the effects of using dietary supplements that contain SARM GW.

Powerful GW-501516 best for increasing muscle endurance and strength

Due to the effects of increasing the amount of type I muscle fibers and the overall increase in muscle endurance, the use of SARM GW is recommended primarily for people who care about endurance. It is difficult to find a better dietary supplement that would allow you to feel the difference in the endurance of our muscles after the first use. GW501516 works from the first use. If you decide to take supplementation, do not increase the doses, but keep them constant. The effects will be constantly visible. Importantly, no negative effects have been identified so far.

SARM GW increases the amount of muscle fibers, and thus makes a given month much stronger and more durable. Therefore, GW is highly recommended for athletes who deal with endurance disciplines. Running, triathlon, cycling, climbing – in this type of sports we will feel the biggest differences after taking the supplement. Of course, the improvement of muscle endurance is also associated with weight reduction and greater muscle strength. However, the main scope of action of this type of SARM is the increase in muscle endurance.

If you are interested in GW-501516, you need to check out our offer carefully and choose the best SARM for yourself. The results will be seen from the very first dose. Prepare yourself right now!